Neurochip Consortium

The cooperation partners in the Neurochip Consortium represent scientific university research plus biological and technological know-how from market-leading companies.

The expertise covers the entire Neurochip field ranging from neuronal cell culture and MEA data acquisition to Neurochip test performance and data analysis. The Neurochip Consortium ensures reliable and valid results testing drug effects on neuronal network-driven activity.

Meet us at the BioNorth 2005, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:

Tuesday, 29.11.2005, 8:00
The Neurochip-Consortium:  A Canadian-German Partnership”

Tuesday, 29.11.2005, 15:30
The Neurochip - Fom Micro- To Nanotechnology?


MEA System

Data Analysis

Prof. Dr. Mario Siebler
Department of Neurology
University of Düsseldorf
www.neurologie.uni-duesseldorf .de

Karl-Heinz Boven
Multichannel Systems GmbH
www.multichannelsystems.c om

Stephan Theiss
RESULT Medical GmbH






Liquid Handling

Prof. Dr. Anthony Krantis
QBM Cell Science

Dr. Ute Krüger
Qiagen GmbH

Sven Paas
Febikon Labortechnik GmbH

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